Oh Snap! Bernie Sanders has recently gotten the chance to stop by Hot97’s studio and chop it up with ‘Ebro in the Morning.’ While there, Sanders got a chance to speak on student debt,marijuana, and more.

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Sanders says that he doesn’t want student to leave school in a crap load of debt which is why tuition should be free.

“I do not want to see children in school 50, $60,000 in debt.” I believe that we should make public colleges, and universities tuition free. We have to deal with student debt, allowing those young people to refinance their loans at the lowest interest rates they can find.”

When asked how he was going to pay for this, Bernie says,

“I think today Wall Street is doing quite well. We should impose a tax on Wall Street speculation that will raise more than enough money to provide free tuition for public colleges and universities and lower student debt.”

He also spoke on competing with Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump, it would be beyond disastrous for this country and this world. And embarrassing. You can’t go around insulting Mexicans, and Latinos, and women, and Muslims, and be president of the united States. It would be internationally embarrassing.”

Check out the rest of the interview below.

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