The Karrine Steffans and Columbus Short drama continues. Steffans has recently been granted a temporary restraining order against Columbus Short. Short says that Steffans is delusional but the judge seems to think otherwise.

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Steffans says Short engages in a drunken tirade about three times a week. He was ordered to move of the home. Steffans claims she was hiding from short in their bedroom when he kicked the door down. She says the moment he threatened her 18-year-old son was it for her. Allegedly Short told the young man he would “whoop his ass like a man.”

Steffans does not want a divorce. She wants her husband to get help for his drinking problem. Short is already on probation for a felony assault. He is claiming that the accusations are straight BS. If he knew better he would just chill out before things get any worse for him.

Source: TMZ