IFWT_Cardell Hayes Will Racquel Smith

Why was Will Smith killed?  That has been the No. 1 question since news of his death broke out.  It was initially reported as road rage gone bad.  Smith’s Mercedes G63 SUV was allegedly rear-ended by Cardell Hayes’ Hummer H2 and Hayes fired several shots killing Smith and injuring his wife after the two exchanged words.  Then new information came out that Hayes previously worked security for the Saints and won a lawsuit against the police for unlawfully killing his father; one of the cops named in the suit had dinner with Smith that night.  All that might be irrelevant to the case as this new footage was released.

Hayes’ lawyer John Fuller insists his client was not the aggressor in the incident, but the victim of a hit-and-run.

“Someone hit him, the person failed to pull over,” the attorney told reporters. “My client trailed behind this person in an effort to get this license plate number. My client also called 911.”

Surveillance video appears to show an incident with two vehicles matching the descriptions of the cars.  In the videos, the Hummer is in front of the Mercedes.  The Hummer then stops abruptly and the Mercedes appears to hit it from behind.  The Hummer then pulls over but the Mercedes goes around it and drives off.  The Hummer then pulls off following it.

A hit-and-run though terrible, is no grounds to kill someone.  Hayes’ lawyer says Smith was the aggressor and implied that he was intoxicated.  He also says there may have been another gun on the scene or Hayes was led to believe that.

The aftermath of the incident can be viewed HERE.

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