Lil Uzi is definitely about the savage life. Apparently, a hacker stole his music and tried to sell it online and Uzi is not a happy camper. He caught up with the alleged hacker and embarrassed him.

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Uzi says,

“Everybody this is Alil Nerd hiding hacker I found him cause he sold a leak song to somebody IN MY CITY. He Said I hacked your Instagram cause you ain’t answer me when I tried to contact you,”

Apparently Uzi is not the only one the hacker has done this too.

“Went threw his phone. Had my s— and a lot of other RAPPERS info. DIS S— WAS CRAZY Oh Yea He Ratted On The Fest Of Y’all IM COMING FOR YA !!! Oh yea and he be lettin these Lame ass Nobody’s Have All Y’all Verses.”

In the video, you can see Uzi telling him to sit down and then making him sit down calling him a “skinny ass b****.”

Check out the full interview below.

Source: Youtube