The NFL Draft literally became a soap opera that was happening live right in front of our eyes. Someone desperately tried to ruin the future of Miami Dolphins draft pick, Laremy Tunsil. He was expected to be picked within the first few picks but shortly before the draft, a video was posted from his twitter account, showing him smoking weed out of a gas mask. His Instagram was also hacked, showing a convo reportedly between him and a college coach, where he is asking for money for his bills. There is someone out there who really hates him and chose the biggest night of his life to attack him.


This is the video that was posted at 7:47pm last night, 13 minutes before the draft started.

Obviously he didn’t upload that himself but NFL teams saw what was happening and immediately they fell back from Tunsil. He started to tumble down the draft board before the Dolphins said the hell with the nonsense and picked him because of his talent. The slide down the board likely cost Tunsil at least a few million dollars.

Tunsil did admit that’s him in the video but it was from a couple years ago, not recently.

Deion Sanders asked him about it where Tunsil revealed some information but stopped short of pointing the finger at one specific person.

The drama didn’t end there however. Shortly after all this happened, his Instagram was also hacked and someone posted screenshots of a conversation Tunsil had with a Ole Miss football coach, where he is talking about getting money from him to pay bills and help him mom, which is a major NCAA no-no.

What Tunsil did next was even worse. I’m sure he didn’t realize what he was admitting to because his night by that point was chaotic but rather than giving no comment to questions, he answered a reporters question about taking money from the coaches. At first he said the text messages weren’t real but then he flipped his answer and apologized and said that the messages were in fact real and that he had made a mistake in the past. Well the NCAA might not be able to do anything to him at this point but his former university could be in big trouble.

It was clear that everyone was aware that someone was trying very hard to ruin Tunsil, which is pretty disgusting by itself. The way they went about it shows whoever it is seriously wants to see him fail. He has an ongoing legal issue with his stepfather, as they are both in the middle of lawsuits against each other, stemming from a fight last year but the stepfather adamantly denied any role in trying to expose Tunsil.

Thankfully the Dolphins saw a bigger picture and may have gotten the steal of the draft because Tunsil was definitely going to be drafted much higher if this didn’t happen.

Check the gallery for the text conversation with one of the Ole Miss coaches. This story will be strong for the next few days and I wouldn’t be surprised if more info comes out.