Bobby Shmurda continues to prepare for his long awaited trial on drug and weapons charges set to take place in New York next month the rapper is also in a serious courtroom battle. According to sources Bobby has filed a suit against the NYPD for false imprisonment related to the incident that led to his arrest two years ago. Read the rest of the story after the jump.

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Just before Bobby Shmurda’s arrest June 3,2014 in Brooklyn, the police showed up at the friends house where Bobby was at the time “When one of the occupants opened the door a slight bit to see who was there, Officer Douglas Corso and other police officers kicked in the door and illegally entered the residence without a search warrant.”

In that Police report Shmurda claimed that, “While the cops were allegedly ransacking the apartment, they taunted him by ‘chanting the lyrics to his chart-topping songs.'” The police have said that Shumrda tried to hide a weapon between couch cushions during their search of the residence where they also found drug paraphernalia, which led them to taking him into custody. Shmurda has claimed that neither the weapon, nor the paraphernalia were his.

According to Shmurda’s lawyers he is still in police custody waiting for his trial.

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Source: Complex