Once Lira Galore and Rick Ross split after a very quick engagement, everyone probably wondered what was next for the curvy model. She opened up to XXL about her upcoming ventures and how she had a name prior to meeting Ross.

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When model Lira Galore and Rick Ross first got together, everyone was surprised and intrigued with the new couple. After showing off a gorgeous engagement ring and posting happy pictures of themselves together, both split after not even being engaged for that long. Lira opened up on how people often get confused that she was her own person prior to Ross.

“I was my own name before I got with him. People knew who I was just as long as they knew who he was. It was never like, ‘That’s Rick Ross’ fiancée,’ it was always like, ‘There’s Rick Ross and Lira Galore.’”

Lira Galore has been in the midst of creating her own cosmetics, app and beauty blog. After her breakup, she admits that being in a relationship took her focus away from work, and that she also learned what to pay attention to in relationships.

Pay more attention to the signs that are there. And definitely continue to work because I stopped working when I got with him. So, definitely, always continue to work to be able to support myself and stand on my own two feet. And to pay attention to the signs that are there.

We can definitely expect to see more projects and new ventures from Ms. Galore, her new line Lira Luxe will be available soon.