Around midnight Thursday night (practically Friday) officers went to a Texas home to find two children tied up in a backyard crying hysterically.

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Authorities responded to a call late Thursday night to relentless crying coming from a backyard. When they had arrived at the house they knocked on the from door but got no answer. So they had to use a ladder to see into the yard and when they did, they see two kids restricted in the backyard. James Keith, the spokesperson for the Sheriffs office, struggled as he tried to describe it.

“The boy was chained to the floor like a dog.” he said. “There was no slack in his chain and his pants were down. You could tell he’d been there for a while. And then a short distance away, a 3-year-old girl who was tied to a door with a dog leash who was just exhausted.”

They moved swiftly, free’d the children and quickly moved them to the local childrens hospital. It doesn’t stop here though, there were six more children in the house ages from 10 months old to 13 years.

Early Friday morning the mother returned to the house. Identified as Porucha Phillips was responsible for all of the children was charged with injury to a child by omission with serious bodily injury and Injury to a child by omission with bodily injury and is currently being detained at Bexar County Jail. Child Protective services has been notified and will react accordingly of course.