Timbaland is a legend in the hip hop game, with his dope beats and unforgettable collaborations. He has made it very clear that his next album will be his final one, and unlike any other.

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Timbaland is infamous for his dope beats and features from the biggest names in the industry. He’s even responsible for helping new artist Tink get on the map. However, this producer is wrapping up his fourth and final album. He said it’s going to be an opera, literally.

“I have no features on it. It’s the most innovative work I’ve ever done. It’s all about truth and what’s going on around us. It’s about my personal truth: It’s one of the things that MediaTakeOut will care about, but I’m telling you what happened. And just how I look, dropping all my weight, and how I look like a whole different person now, you’re gonna really understand. It’s about truth and what the world is facing, and we don’t even realize.”

He is currently the music supervisor for TV show Empire. The final album is titled Opera Noir and is definitely bringing forth a different sound. Are you excited to hear what Timbaland has in store?