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As you may have heard, Lauryn Hill has been under scrutiny for her chronic tardiness for years, and it came to a head when she arrived to a show in Atlanta 3 hours late over the weekend – then blamed it on the “alignment” of her “energy.” To make matters worse, she was late again last night in Virginia.

While some feel that her legacy overpowers any wrongdoing from lateness or related behavior, others don’t see it that way at all – and Questlove is one of those people.

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In a statement to Okayplayer, Questo said:

“There is this glorious fantasy going on in our heads. It’s like a movie and you imagine folks cheering your name like the end of Purple Rain (“Lauryn!! Lauryn!! Lauryn!!!!!!!”) and movies make you feel like “that’s how life should be” (this should also apply to the “can I audition for you on the spot? And you just clap your hands and make me a star right quick?” crew: what you see on movies ain’t real. Entourage is not REAL)

So with this in mind you HAVE to think like a businessman in order to please the fan (the aforementioned alias celebs here call me “Suit” like Billy from Entourage as if “I’ve lost touch with the people”)


Every aspect from walk in music (Mike D told me to DJ before the shows to engage fans—boring walk in music makes em tired, DJ trine kill it could dwarf the show and steal the ounce of energy a standing on their feet audience has) to the pacing of the show has to be combed over.

4 hours on their feet is inconsiderate and uncalled for.

Now on the other side of the coin (and not wanting to put people’s business out there) this is prime psychological sabotage fear in motion. This is the embarrassment of that Newark 4 lawsuit. This is age fear talking loud and clear. This is resentment of having to now do this to survive (I mean we all “do it for the love”—but this is survival) the embarrassment of now being a one album legacy artist and the possibility of not mattering anymore in this disposable society. People will kill something before it grows.

This is prime example of that.”

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