What would you do if you went to see Boosie Badazz perform but it wasn’t really him? Fans were shocked and outraged at how tacky promoters were, booking a Boosie look a like.

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A fan explained her annoyance and disbelief with promoters at Club Xclusive for trying to fool the crowd with a fake Lil Boosie. She said:

“Me and my friends thought we were gonna be drinking and turning up to a live performance of Boosie, at club Xclusive, in Columbus Ohio, but when he, or shall I say the imposter, came out I nearly through my damn drink because it wasn’t him.”

In pictures taken with the imposter, it’s obvious that the man isn’t Boosie and wasn’t wearing the usual amount of jewelry Boosie wears. The fan went on to say:

“The club advertised for months that Boosie was going to perform, and like many others, I just didn’t appreciate be taken as a fool. I felt bad for the imposter because by the time he finished that one Lil Boosie song, that he lip synced the entire time, the club was practically empty.”

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It’s safe to say that Club Xclusive will have club goers skeptical for future celebrity appearances.