_Two More Women Accuse Bill Cosby Of Sexually Assaulting Them!
Welp, Hugh Hefner is the next one in hot water next to Bill Cosby. Chloe Goins, the same woman accusing Cosby of sexual assault is now accusing Hugh Hefner of knowing about the plan all along.

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In her lawsuit, Goins says Hefner introduced her and Cosby back in 2008. She says that Cosby spiked her drink and then proceeded to suck her toes as she was out of it. She says her breast were wet and sticky from what she recalls. The lawsuit says Hefner had a way of inviting “young and impressionable and possibly minor children to his residence and providing alcoholic beverages.” She says Hefner very much so knew Cosby had a “history of severe and serial sexual battery and/or possibly rape of women” and that exposed his guests to harm.

Source: TMZ