As we all know, Chance the Rapper has dropped a huge gem on us after he released his ‘Coloring Book’ album. A Chicago guitarist by the name of Jacob Brody has just dropped a dope cover to the album in one take. I fell in love within the first minuet as he put a super dope twist to ‘All We Got’ ft. Kanye West, which is actually my favorite song on the album.

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Apparently Brody does this a lot. In September, he did a six-hour cover which made the internet go crazy. He says,

“I learned most of these songs by ear and decided to record my interpretations. The camera only let me record 15-25 minutes, so each 15-25 minute take was done in one attempt. There are mistakes, I know. I switch guitars because some songs are in different tunings. Some songs change keys mid-song.”

Check out the cover below.

Source: Complex