IFWT_Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes isn’t afraid to put his fist where his mouth is and he doesn’t have love for neither Derek Fisher nor Colin Kaepernick.  So he was asked, who would he rather fight?  Check his answer.

“I’ll f*** both of ’em up,” Barnes said after being asked by a TMZ Sports reporter.

Barnes previously had animosity towards the San Francisco 49ers quarterback stemming from a situation where Matt felt “disrespected” by Colin and called Kaepernick a “hoe.”

As for Derek Fisher, well you already know the story there.  Barnes allegedly fought Fisher over Derek dating his ex-wife Gloria Govan.

Sidenote: They also asked Barnes if Thunder center Steven Adams should get a pass for calling the Warriors’ guards “quick little monkeys” on Monday after OKC’s game 1 win.  Matt says yes because the New Zealander didn’t know any better and didn’t mean any harm.  I agree.

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