Egypt Sherrod is known very well in entertainment and especially the world of radio. While being one of the most popular names on WBLS and several television segments, she has finally pursued her dream: Becoming a real estate agent.

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Egypt Sherrod has been in the game for a long time. Not only has she landed her own TV show on HGTV, but she has been on the radio for more than a decade and is an author and philanthropist. After branching off from radio, she decided to pursue her passion fulltime.

“Radio had been excellent to me, but I was growing out of it. I definitely was growing out of the gossip, I really didn’t care who was doing who…I hated that I had to do entertainment and gossip reports. But unfortunately it was something very popular that I had become known for.”

After getting her own show on HGTV called Flipping Virgins, she has made it possible for several clients to purchase, flip and sell lower priced homes at a higher profit. Even though this boss is making huge moves, she says that she owes it all to faith and smart investments; she isn’t afraid to spend money.

“I would get some money, and instead of putting it into some shoes and pocketbooks, I would put it into buying properties.”

She gives others advice that she was once given by her mentor, saying:

“My mentor told me early on, if you want to have longevity. You have to have a Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C and work them all at the same damn time!”