ifwt_Chris vs Nia TMZ

Earlier today, TMZ reported that Chris Brown had “won” in custody court with Nia Guzman, as she was reportedly requesting full custody and supervised visits and got denied. However, she later responded in an Instagram post, saying that there is no winning in this type of situation when it comes to a child’s well being, and that there was more to the story – like a woman in Chris’ family advising her behind-the-scenes. In her original post, she didn’t elaborate on who said family member is, but she’s now clapping back in her comments, and honey – the tea is overflowing!

Not only did she reveal that it was Chris’ own mother telling her that Chris was on drugs and needed to be supervised while with Royalty, but she also alleges that he lied to her about using a condom the night the baby was conceived, thus the accidental pregnancy. She also says he knew about Royalty from the very beginning. Hmm!

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

As messy as this is, and as sad as it is because RoRo will one day see this all…I’m here for the drama! Check out the comments in the gallery.