Gun shots have reportedly rang out at T.I.’s show at Irving Plaza. Video footage shows cops to patrolling the premises.

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Sources report that Troy Ave has been grazed by a bullet at the concert. Authorities also reported a 33-year-old man has also died from a gun shot wound to the stomach.

Prayers go out to everyone involved in this tragedy.

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Allegedly 3 people have been shot at the concert. 1 person in critical condition. There has also been reports of 6-8 shots in VIP. Allegedly the shots rang out after members of two different entrouagres got into a altercation back stage. The fight then escalated to the main area. Sources say 2 woman were shot and also 2 men were shot. One of which looks like he wont make it. Helicopters have surrounded the area. Story is still developing.

Rapper Dave East tweeted,

First Time T.I Bout To Bring Me Out 3 People Get Shot Shit Crazy

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