Domestic Violence rears its ugly head again in the MLB. This time, with Atlanta outfielder Hector Olivera. He was originally placed on administrative leave back in April after an alleged incident with an unidentified woman at the Braves’ hotel. Now, it’s really real, no dough.

Allegedly, Olivera assaulted a young woman in the early morning hours of April 13th at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Arlington, GA. It was stated that the woman had visible bruising and was transfered to a local hospital.

Today, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred made an official statement regarding the suspension:

Having reviewed all of the available evidence, I have concluded that Mr. Olivera violated the Policy and should be subject to discipline in the form of an unpaid suspension that will expire on August 1st. Mr. Olivera has also agreed to make a significant charitable contribution to one or more charitable organizations focused on preventing and treating survivors of domestic violence.

Olivera and the woman are sad to be acquainted. Hopefully they’ve both learned their lesson along with Colorado Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes and New York Yankees reliever Aroldis Chapman who also have recently been suspended due to domestic violence.