This hacking is getting OUTRAGEOUS. The next victim is Bad Girls Club’s Mehgan James. She took to her Instagram to warn everyone that videos and photos of her may be getting leaked due to a hacker. She goes on to say that anyone who posts whatever is about to be leaked will hear from her lawyer.

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James says,

So , before it leaked and I get humiliated in front of millions of people via social media , I decided to lay ” damage control” upon my self . For the past 4 years I’ve been harassed by a secret hacker . Being that I’ve had this same number since senior year in Highscool , I’ve had a LOT of damage , personal pictures and videos in my iPhone . This hacker hacked into my phone a while back and has been threatening me for years to leak my pictures and personal videos . He’s even gone to the extent of asking me to have sex with his friend in order for the pics not to get leaked which I’ve refused to do . he’s made me call him mr. Mayweather Bc he has some obsession w Floyd and he’s asked me to send him girls what ever that means . . .l& So today , I’m tired . So hacker who ever you are , go ahead and leak what you gotta leak . I wana apologize to my friends and family . Before hand , but being in the ” limelight ” isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. I’ve complied to most of the things he’s asked in order to not be humiliated but I’m tired !This shit is crazy and I’ve filed a police report and has had my lawyer send cease and desist to all blogs . This shit gotta stop…

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