The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) is out of line! Children have been testing positive for lead poisoning. The levels are reported to be very dangerous.

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Since 2011, there have been approximately 10,000 units who house kids six years old or younger. Lead paint was found in all of those apartments and the housing authority has taken no action. That’s absolutely ridiculous! During these past five years, 202 kids in 133 apartments were tested positive for lead poisoning . NYCHA is aware of 48% of those units and have no plans of fixing any of the deadly issues. Many people rely on housing projects to survive in the concrete jungle. If things aren’t fixed soon, the demographics residing within the housing projects of New York City may be in for the worst. Conditions in these projects are already under what many would consider livable. The city officials must do a better job with developing better living conditions in these buildings and provide safe living environments for everyone. Your health status shouldn’t be determined by your residential space. Praying for those affected.

Source: NY Daily News