Now we know Kanye West personality is one of a kind. After being in the music industry for so long we have heard and seen many interactions between Kanye and others. It looks like we will soon be able to see what it’s like to work for Kanye West. Sounds interesting right?

What makes it even more interesting, Kanye West’s former bodyguard Steven Stanulis who was allegedly fired for having conversations with Kayne’s wife Kim Kardashian is the one who will be giving us the inside scoop. Brave right? The former bodyguard is currently in the process of creating a web series based on the daily encounters he experienced while working with Kanye. I’m not sure how Kanye is going to feel about Stanulis plan to expose these encounters with his new web series with FunnyorDie.com , but it will definitely be interesting to see his perspective of what it’s like having Kanye as a boss.

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