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We all remember last July when DJ Funk Flex called Drake out on taking other rapper’s lyrics and making them his own. He then played three songs that alleged ghostwriter Quentin Miller rapper wrote and also rapped as a reference track.

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On that segment, Flex could be heard screaming ,

“If you don’t write, you don’t have that crown!”

In a recent interview, Flex states that he was very disappointed in Drake for taking lyrics from other artist. Flex held Drake up to a high standard considering him to be one of the top-five best lyricist. Now Flex says he considers Drake to be a different type of artist.

“A Kendrick Lamar and a Drake to me, are two different artists to me, but that’s always existed,”

Flex also got a chance to speak on the new age of DJ’ing. DJ’s now a days are accustomed to software leaving vinyl out in the cold. DJ’s such as Skrillex and many other new age DJ’s use software such as Serato. If you truly have knowledge on how Flex gets down, you know there’s none of that. Flex states he has a certain level on respect for these DJ’s. He just knows they’re not touching him level wise. The Hot97 DJ says,

“When you’re at the controller like this,(Twisting Knobs) My arms are extended and I’m screaming. That’s why you get paid what you get paid and I get paid what I get paid, because there’s obviously a difference in what’s cracking out here.”

Check out more of what DJ Funk Flex had to say below.

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