Last night was just not a good look for the Curry family. You had Ayesha Curry, ranting and raving that the league is rigged after the Warriors lost, showing she has had no sense of reality the past two years while her husband and the Warriors have had everything go their way. Then you had Steph himself, who played a decent game, finishing with 30 points, but he disappeared in stretches and let his frustration get the best of him when he picked up his sixth foul.


Steph was done for the night thanks to fouling out but he decided he was gonna go out in a much more epic way. He literally lost his mind for a second when he learned the foul was on him and walked right up on the ref, letting him know how he felt.

He was instantly ejected but not before taking his mouthguard and throwing it, winding up hitting a fan directly in the face in what was a pretty chaotic but funny scene.

Steph was quick to apologize to the fans sitting courtside that he hit because that’s clearly not what he was trying to do. Of all people to hit, he threw it at Andrew Forbes, son of Cavs minority owner Nate Forbes.

The super slow-mo

Steph should expect to hear from the commissioner’s office today about a nice fine for his actions.