With ‘Power’ soon to make a come back, Remy Ma announces that she will have a role on the show. In a recent Instagram post, Remy thanked 50 for his love and support while she was away in prison. 50 even wrote two letters in hopes that Remy would win her appeal.

Kayy: Instagram || Twitter

Remy wrote,

“This man @50cent is so special to me; I don’t even think he knows how special he is to me. When I needed people’s support the most he didn’t run away & pretend to be too busy like a lot of others. He took out time to write & sign not 1 but 2 separate letters in the hopes of helping me win my appeals when I was incarcerated. He didn’t have to do it but he did & I truly appreciate it…thank you,”

Remy then went on to announce her part in ‘Power’ saying,

“now let’s get ready 4 my role on POWER,”

Im excited ! Power is already dope, so with an addition like Remy, its only bound to be even better.

Source: HipHopDX