This story is truly sad and disturbing. A mother and her two daughters are now dead after she shot the two girls before being shot herself by police. 42-year-old Christy Sheats called a meeting on her husband’s birthday.

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In a recent video, we can hear the 911 call from inside the home. Young woman can be heard screaming and pleading for help. You can hear the girls saying,

“Please don’t shoot us!”

A man can be heard saying “I’m sorry” multiple times. “I promise you whatever you want.”

A neighbor also called the police explaining what he heard. Press releases say the woman shot her two daughters Taylor and Madison during the family meeting. Her husband Jason then ran. Madison fell to the ground and died instantly. Taylor and Jason ran in different directions. The mother continued her pursuit with her daughter shooting her a second time. Upon police arrival, the mother did not want to drop her gun so she was shot and killed. Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy E. Nehls released a statement on the shooting saying,

As everyone is certainly aware, we had a terrible incident last night that involved the deaths of 3 people. An unimaginable tragedy that it seems we see too often. I want to thank our deputies and detectives for their work and professionalism. I also thank the Fulshear Police Department for their response and assistance. “It takes a village…” and I am proud that our area law enforcement works so well together to protect our communities. We’ll do everything we can to assist their officer. Special thanks also to the Precinct 3 Constable’s Office for their assistance on scene. Keep the family in your prayers.

No one knows what exactly prompted the mother to do this. Her Husband is cooperating with police.

Source: Complex