Johnny Manziel claims he is starting to so sober as of today, July 1st, and while based on his recent behavior that doesn’t seem likely, we all hope he gets on track. The odds of him being in the NFL next season are slim to none but that didn’t prevent the league from suspending him for four games if he ever does sign with a team again. At the moment though that doesn’t seem to be a big deal for Manziel who was busy partying in Cabo with a playboy playmate before turning his attention to some other girls.


Johnny was hanging out with playmate, Daisy Lea but it appears from her Instagram that she was tired of partying and feeling like an “enabler”, which sounds like a shot at Manziel. She left but as you will see in the gallery, it didn’t take him long to wind up in a pool with a bunch of girls asses in his face.

As far as the suspension goes, The NFL did not specify the reason for it but a source confirmed to ESPN that it was for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Manziel could face additional discipline under the personal conduct policy for other transgressions, including being charged with assaulting his girlfriend.

Last week, Manziel’s father, Paul, raised the level of concern for his son by telling ESPN’s Josina Anderson that Manziel is a “druggie” and that a stint in jail might save his life.

Paul Manziel added that he checked his son into a rehab clinic earlier this year, but Manziel “escaped.”

Hopefully this stint with sobriety for Manziel is a successful one but only he can control his own life. If you’re here just for pictures of the girls he was partying with, then hit the gallery!