A video surfaced this week of an old wrestling match between Triple H & Stone Cold Steve Austin but the match itself is not what’s making the video go viral. A fan was videotaping the event when a moronic fan tried to attack Stone Cold from behind. Triple H was not amused and the match immediately meant nothing as he and the referee jumped the guy and seriously started beating him down. The ref is even kicking at the guy’s head. It looked brutal but the whopping was very deserved.


Austin spoke on the incident a few years ago on his podcast, where he revealed the crazed fan was mad at him for beating up Triple H during the match. “I was just about to celebrate,” he said, “and somebody tackles me from behind and takes me down and starts punching me.”

He also thanked Triple H for having his back that night. “Triple H, stand up cat, he picked that dude up, slammed him, and started punching his lights out.” The guy is lucky because they could have hurt him much worse if they really had wanted to.