WTH was Jacksonville Jaguar’s Denard Robinson and his “date” doing on Saturday night into Sunday morning that neither realized that their car had gone down an embankment and into a lake?

Apparently, he had fallen asleep. Yes, asleep. Police determined that alcohol nor drugs were involved. They was just THAT damned tired. Police had to WAKE both of them up, like multiple times!!!

Reports claim that Robinson’s date just refused to get out of the sinking car and had to be physically removed by police. Denard himself had to be convinced that he was actually in a sinking car in a lake…and that he had to climb out of the passenger side since his side was under water.

My oh my, I have so many questions…but none matter. What matters is that the young running back was able to be awakened and he and his friend are still alive.

Check the gallery for Robinson’s statement.