In defense of Alton Sterling, the Louisiana gun laws show exactly what it means for the gun Alton had in his possession.

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Louisiana is considered a “shall issue” state for concealed carry. It is legal for The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections to give a concealed handgun permit to all applications who qualify.

A background check is given and also 10 days to provide any other additional information about the person applying for the handgun. The applicant must go through a training course with an instructor. Open carry of a firearm is permitted without a permit in Louisiana as long as the user is 17+ and legally able to posses the gun. So no permit needed for open carry, which means IF the gun is out in the open on his person(body), like on his hip or under his armpit where every and anyone can see it, it’s legal, But unfortunately, Alton had the gun in his pocket, which means it was concealed, and that he needed a permit for, we don’t know if Alton had a permit or not, and we know those cops didn’t ask.

Source: Wiki