100 injured and about 30 killed after a truck ran through a group of people in Nice, France as they celebrated Bastille Day. Officials are suspecting a terror attack but are still investigating.

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We now have learned that 77 people have been killed and 140 hurt during the truck crash in Nice, France. The driver plowed his truck into the crowd. He was then shot and death. The driver shot in the crowd and then drove along the pavement striking people. Inside of the truck, police found firearms, explosives and grenades. There was only one person inside of the truck which happened to be a male. Witnesses say the man was just plowing over bodies. He even accelerated as he hit people.

This is just sad.

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It has been reported that police and the truck occupants exchanged gunfire. Eric Dartell was a bystander eating at a resturant on the street as he said,

“You can see wreckage all along the way, a body, bicycles, street lamps and debris everywhere,”

The story is currently developing.

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