A$AP Rocky is now receiving a tremendous amount of backlash after he states he feels no need to stand up and speak on whats going on because he is not Al Sharpton in an old interview. A$AP says he did not sign up to be a political activist. He says he rather talk about his own life than the social injustices America is encountering.

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Some of his fans are not really okay with this statement. One person tweeted,

ASAP rocky just said what every other rapper thinks. Once they get money they don’t care about social issues cause it doesn’t affect em

Another person tweeted,

Why would we support ASAP Rocky if he doesn’t support us and the battle we all face? He’d rather promote a drug that killed his homie? Word.

In contrast, some people say it is not Rocky’s job to be a politician. I don’t think you have to be a politician to say something is wrong. Rocky has since responded to the backlash saying he knows his statement sounded really insensitive but people should read the whole article.

Check out what Rocky had to say in the gallery.

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