IFWT_Tamika Catchings

WNBA superstar Tamika Catchings is disappointed in her league for its reaction to players supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and thinks something needs to change quickly.

TMZ Sports spoke with the Indiana Fever star at LAX, and she discussed the league fining several players and several teams for wearing BLM t-shirts during warm-ups.  In Tamika’s eyes, there’s a double standard, since she says the league gets on board with lots of other movements.

There’s been a meme going around twitter of the WNBA supporting the LGBT community after the Orlando attack but banning the shirts that supported BLM and the cops killed in Dallas.

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Catchings believes the BLM movement is especially important because the vast majority of WNBA players are African-American.

The league has since dropped the fines and says it plans to work with the players to come up with a solution.  This was after the outcry from the public and after several players staged a boycott and refused to answer any questions not geared towards Black Lives Matter after games.

Catchings is President of the WNBA Players Association so she’ll likely be in on those talks. Check out her perspective.