IFWT_Kimbo Slice Baby Slice

Kimbo Slice’s son who goes by “Baby Slice”, will follow in his father’s fighting footsteps and has inked a deal to debut at Bellator 160 next month.

24-year-old Kevin Ferguson Jr. confirmed the deal to the AP, saying he will fight on the undercard on August 26th. He’s been training with Bellator fighters like A.J. McKee and Bubba Jenkins.

“I was always around the fight business and everything, so I saw it and I understood what was going on,” Ferguson told the media outlet.  “I just knew without a doubt that one day, this was what I wanted to do.”

Ferguson says he got his father’s blessing to fight before Kimbo died back in June after suffering congestive heart failure.

Can’t wait to see if he indeed got his father’s skills.

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