Denver Broncos safety Shiloh Keo was pulled over by police for a broken taillight back in February.  During the stop, officers believed Shiloh was drunk and arrested him.  He was put in the back of a squad car.  He realized there was a camera inside the vehicle and decided to vent while he waited for over an hour.  Now we have that footage.

The 28-year old football player was obviously pissed at the cops for arresting him.  He disputed that his taillight was busted and was so confident he was willing to bet his whole NFL paycheck.  Btw, his taillight was busted and shown from a screenshot from the cop’s dash cam on TMZ.

Keo continued to vent and said he couldn’t wait to tell President Obama all about this incident.  The Broncos won the Super Bowl and will get the customary visit to the White House.

“Tell you about this bull****. This is why we have riots throughout the country, cause of this bull****.”

“You wanna know why s*** is f****d? This is bull****.”

Keo later pled guilty to misdemeanor DUI and was sentenced to one-year probation, a suspended license,  pay a $952.50 fine, and he has to speak at eight high schools.

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