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Many people are seeing a different side of DeMarcus Cousins as he’s all smiles playing for Team USA and actualizing his dream of playing for Olympic gold.  With Team USA, his teammates are some of the best players in the world, he doesn’t have to do everything.  He’s a big man that needs to rebound and defend and he’s doing an amazing job.  Sacramento Kings general manager Vlade Divac has been watching, and he levied heavy praise on his franchise star.

“It’s a no-brainer,” Kings general manager Vlade Divac said from his courtside seat. “He’s the most dominant player in the whole world. And being from Serbia, I have to root for Serbia, but I feel bad for them. He’s going to kill them.”

Divac looked more like a proud father than a boss as he watched his star big take the court. He knows the value of playing from one’s country and what impact it might have on Cousins when he returns to the Kings for training camp in late September.

The Kings are hoping that this experience makes an impact on Cousins that he can bring back to the team. The Kings are banking that the experience of playing with some of the best will help Cousins develop the leadership skills he needs to help Sacramento turn the corner.

Team USA is nothing like the Kings and Cousins will not come back being the same way he is now.  Cousins has already expressed discontent with the Kings offseason moves and the players they put around him.  That’s in contrast to his experience with Team USA.

“I’m having a lot of fun,” Cousins said with a grin. “I’m around a great group of guys — laughing, joking all day, enjoying each others company, playing basketball, which we all love. It’s been a great time.”

“It’s fun to be around winning,” Cousins added.

He knows he won’t be winning with the Kings.

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source: CSN Bay Area