IFWT_Will Smith
Will Smith was on the ‘Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon last night and he explained how his son Jaden Smith had just turned 18 and tricked him into letting him drink.

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While Will was on the show, they talked about everything from his Suicide Squad party performance to his family.

“We just had our first really good vacation,” Smith told Fallon. “It was Jaden’s birthday. He just turned 18. He has a show coming out called The Get Down so he was promoting in London. So he was like, ‘Guys, you know, everybody should come to London and we’ll just celebrate my birthday there!'”

Will said he was touched by this because it gave their family time to hang out which is rare for them because all their schedules are really busy as you can imagine. But of course, Jaden had his agenda.

“Then we go to a restaurant and Jaden was just particularly excited, you know?” Will said. “So we sit down at the restaurant and he looks at the waiter and he says, ‘I’ll have a tequila!’ and I said, ‘Whoa, man, hold up! What’re you doing?’ and he says, ‘The drinking age is 18 in England, Dad!'”

Smooth move Jaden, just like your pops!