K.Michelle and Toya Wright have had their share of issues which stemmed from the relationship that both of them had with Memphitz. Recently it was reported that Toya Wright lost two of her brothers after they were killed in New Orleans. K.Michelle has made it a priority to reach out to Toya to send her condolences.

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K took to Twitter to tell Toya to continue to fight for her healing. She goes on to tell her she is currently praying for her family and that there is no hate in her heart. K tells Toya that God has a purpose for her and that she should try to stay strong. This was very mature of K.Michelle.

Rudy and Josh Johnson were reportedly shot and killed in a car on the 7th Ward of New Orleans this morning. They were pronounced dead on the scene. If you have ever watched Toya’s BET series that premiered a while back, you know that Toya is very big on family. Her brother’s meant the world to her. This news came just days after Toya has filed for divorce. We know this has to be extremely hard on her.

We will keep Toya and her family in our prayers.

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