Three members of team USA’s basketball team got quite a surprise when they thought they were going to a spa in Rio. DeMar DeRozan, DeAndre Jordan and DeMarcus Cousins took some time to themselves on Wednesday night to check out the city and part of their free time consisted of going to a spa. Once they arrived however they quickly realized this was no spa.


TMZ is reporting that the three guys and possibly three other teammates, went to “Termas Monte Carlo” which according to rolling stone is one of the more high end brothels in Rio.

One of the players called the place and received the standard explanation over the phone that it was a spa that plays music, has a bar and is only for male clients. Upon arriving to the location, they realized the place was not for them and immediately left.

Now it might sound like one of those stories that maybe the players knew exactly what they were doing and this was the coverup but there are multiple sources who confirmed that the players did in fact leave rather quickly without any funny business going on inside.

Lesson learned. Check the gallery!