The Summer Olympics in Rio officially start today with the opening ceremonies scheduled for later today but from the looks of things, Rio is far from ready for any of this. Athletes have been arriving over the past few days and besides the fear of being robbed or kidnapped, their living quarters are basically uninhabitable and there is nothing they can do. Most athletes from all different countries report not having running water or plumbing in their rooms, while others, such as part of the Jamaican team, found their room to basically still be in shambles. It looks like some of their rooms are still being put together, while also falling apart at the same time.


This is an absolute joke and the country as well as the Olympic committee should be ashamed of themselves. These athletes work all their lives to get to this point and the last thing they should have to stress over is the condition of their room while they are trying to win a medal.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Larry Brown Sports found footage of a clip a cyclist from the Czech Republic posted to Instagram, showing massive amounts of water just raining down inside the building.

Great we have new shower in the house. ????

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