The Justice Department and Baltimore police have decided that they will negotiate court-enforceable reforms after a federal report was released. The scathing report criticizes police for excessive force and routinely discriminating against blacks.

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The report shows that officers target poor black communities. Vanita Gupta, the head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division states,

“These violations have deeply eroded the relationship between the police and community it serves.”

The investigation took place after the murder of Freddie Gray. In the report, it shows the crazy indictment of how the city’s police officers carry out the most fundamental of policing practices which include searches and traffic stops.

African American Anthony Williams says he and his kids witnessed police chasing a man for smoking weed. He says,

“It doesn’t matter, if you’re black you’re going to get stopped. It’s crazy out here.There was five of them. They jumped on him. I had to tell my kids they were just playing.”

Just this year, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said six officers who committed egregious violations have been fired. Davis says,

“Fighting crime and having a better, more respectful relationship with the community are not mutually exclusive endeavors. We don’t have to choose one or the other. We’re choosing both. It’s 2016,”

Crazy! This has to stop!

Source: Fox