Chance the Rapper is the latest cover of Billboard Magazine. Chance got a chance to open up about not signing to a major label, returning to Chicago, and working with Kanye West.

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Labels are finding their way to Chance left and right even though he still refuses to sign. He says,

“It’s not about the music being free. It’s about how it is displayed and made accessible and about artistic power.”

The magazine also spoke on Chance and his Xanax addiction. The addiction occurred after he moved to LA. Chance spoke on the addiction on his single “Finish Line/Drown” where he says,

“I looked up and months had passed, and I hadn’t made enough music.It was around this time that he also felt a need to get back to Chicago. I missed a lot of weddings and funerals.”

Chance speaks on watching his favorite rapper work on an album. Kanye invited Chance to work on ‘The Life of Pablo’ with him. Chance says Kanye rented out a whole studio and fill each room with writers, engineers, and producers.

“I watched him knock out six, seven songs that way,”

Chance was highly inspired. He says he did the same thing which helped him finish ‘The Coloring Book.’ Chance says he is now focusing on his girlfriend, his daughter, and his Magnificent Coloring Day in Chicago. He broke the record of having more than 50,000 tickets sold at the White Sox stadium. Chance states,

“It’s bigger than me fucking with the Sox and bigger than me being a rapper…I think the city needs some happy moments.”

Source: Complex