CNN is under fire after they used a photo of a muslim mother when speaking of “super jihadist” Omar Omsen. The mother had zero ties to any terror groups which makes this super bad. The family is was a great amount of shock upon this photo being released. Once they saw they clip, the family reached out to the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) for assistance.

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The questionable clip is only a few seconds long but the husband noticed it quick. Abed A. Ayoub, the ADC’s policy director says,

“Imagine seeing a video about ISIS recruitment, and suddenly, there’s your picture. She was shocked at first, angry, and there’s a sense of disbelief by her husband as well.”

The main concern is for the safety of the family. Ayoub says,

“If somebody at school sees this or in their neighborhood sees this, and all of a sudden they think, you know, that their mom is a terrorist. These mistakes have consequences.”

The video was taken down. They are asking if the video was originally put together by ISIS and then added on to by the network. This matter is quite dangerous and should have never happened.

Source: Complex