IFWT_Gilbert Arenas Nick Young Nick Young Jr

There’s a wide-spread belief that you have to raise boys a certain way.  You have to be tougher and can’t coddle them or they’ll grow up to be soft.  No Chill Gilbert Arenas has filmed himself being extra hard on Nick Young’s four-year-old son Nick Young Jr., but Arenas says he had to.

The former NBA player Snapchatted himself throwing Nick Jr.’s scooter across the yard and mocked the child for crying when he got hit with a basketball.

So, when TMZ Sports saw Gilbert at Skateland over the weekend for Dorell Wright’s ’90s-themed charity event, they asked if he thinks he’s going TOO hard on the youngster.

“Hell naw! That’s how you’re supposed to treat boys,” Arenas said.  “Can’t treat boys like little girls.”

“I’m worse off the camera to him. He used to be a vagina, now he’s good.”

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