IFWT_Antontio Terricka Cromartie

Antonio Cromartie’s wife Terricka went all the way in on his mother.  The dispute began when Cromartie’s mother said he evicted her from the Florida home he bought her in 2007.  Antonio said he paid the mortgage for several years and told his mother to take over the payments but she refused.  Terricka stepped in and let her have it.

Terricka explained that Antonio’s mom and her husband make $10,000 a month and she recently received a $60,000 car insurance claim.  Terricka says her mother-in-law is more than capable of paying the $700/month mortgage, she just wants Antonio to pay it because he’s in the NFL.

Well Antonio is currently unemployed and has 13 children, which includes 8 from 7 different women, 4 with his wife Terricka (she just had twins), and her daughter from a previous relationship.

In fact, Terricka says a lack a love from Antonio’s mother is probably why he has all these kids.

“You can dislike me his wife as much as you want but look at what you are doing to your child,” Terricka wrote in a Instagram post along with the explanation of why his mother was getting evicted.

“This is why my husband prolly fathered so many kids because the lack of love from you.”

She also wrote another post (in gallery above), that seemed to be a shot at Antonio’s mother.  In the post, Terricka talks about being a great mom, and what it takes.  She also pointed out, that in the bible it says that a man must honor his parents but eventually take on and flee to his wife.  She previously said that his mother hates her because Antonio loves her.

Whew the whole thing is just a mess.  Hopefully they’ll eventually be able to work it out.


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