French race walker Yohann Diniz proved this morning that the spirit of the Olympics can conquer all, even if your racing shorts are full of sh*t. Diniz was leading the 50KM race when less than halfway in he appeared to have a nasty accident. As he continued to move, cameras caught a brown substance running down his thigh but he had no choice but to keep going.


He tried to deal with the problem by stuffing a wet sponge down his shorts, which he later tossed to the side as he ran on. Eventually he collapsed on the pavement and appeared to be having stomach pain or maybe it was just exhaustion or even embarrassment but it looked like his day was over.

It was then that a fellow competitor, Canada’s Evan Dunfee, ran past him and gave him some encouragement and Diniz started racing again. He was the favorite before the event started but wound up finishing in 8th place because of his situation but still received a lot of praise from other athletes and fans for even continuing at all.

Check the gallery to see his accident but I’m warning you now, you better not be eating anything because it’s very clear what’s happening in the photos.