The moment has come, it’s finally here…… I think. Frank Ocean took a two week break from his building warehouse but tonight around 11PM he made a return. During this live stream, music from Frank was playing and as expected, the internet went nuts. Many we’re wondering if his long awaited album “Boys Don’t Cry” was on the way at midnight, but instead, what we got was a visual album from Frank titled “Endless.” (taking a page out of the Beyonce playbook). Many are still wondering if this is the actual album, but remember way back when, Frank announced on his website that he’s got two versions. So “Boys Don’t Cry” still might be on the way. A New York Times Reporter who broke the news tonight on the visual album said Apple informed him to “stay tuned for more from Frank this weekend.” You can stream the new project from Frank via Apple Music below, which is 12 tracks long and around 45 minutes according to the credits. Stay tuned for more updates as they become known.

Apple Music Stream


Ryan Flannery (Twitter:@Flannery15)