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You know how when an artist is about to drop an album or a project, it leaks a couple of days early online? That actually didn’t happen with French Montana’s new album ‘Mac & Cheese 4’. In all actuality, Target actually put the album out early by mistake.

OliJawn; Twitter || Instagram

French recently had to push the date back because of some legal issues going on with the album and he took to Twitter to let us know.

“Due to some sample clearances that are still being worked out, I have to move the album release date.” He added, “I want to apologize to my fans that are waiting, I want to make sure the album is something special.”

Of course, if you’re not a Hip-Hop fan, you wouldn’t have been in Target and noticed that his album was out there by mistake. Of course a couple of copies were sold, including one to somebody who decided to share what happened.

“I went to a Target to purchase Tory Lanez’ new album ‘I Told You’ and sitting right next to the album was ‘MC4,'” he wrote in a blog post. “I went to the self-checkout and had to receive customer assistance. The employee that came to fix the issue knew the album was pushed back and didn’t allow me to purchase it. After the fact, I contacted another Target employee that I know and he revealed that it is possible to purchase the album despite the pushback. It just depends on the employee you are dealing with.”