10-year-old Legend Preston, a fifth grader from Newark, NJ was chased with shot guns by local police after they mistook him for a a robbery suspect. Neighbors who saw the account happening shielded around Preston to protect him.

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Preston was playing ball and went to go get the ball that had rolled off when he was chased by police. The neighbors around had to scream at police telling them Preston was just a child. Apparently he matched the ID of the suspect. Preston’s mother, Patisha Solomon posted a video of her son in tears after the account. She said,

When I could first get Legend to say at least what he could moments after(he was still dazzed) multiple #NEWARKPDOFFICERS CHASED MY 10 YEAR OLD SON WITH OPEN LOADED SHOT GUNS… THE MAN THEY WERE LOOKING FOR WAS OVER 6FT DARK WITH LONG LOCS…THEY YELLED “HIT FIT THE DESCRIPTION!!” The man they were chasing atfer was in eyes sight down the next block HAD A GUN!!! THEY WERE READY TO SHOOT!!! BY THE GRACE OF GOD AND MY NEIGHBOUR’S WHO MADE A HUMAN SHIELD TO PROTECT him (side note the cops did not care at all they were even tauting neighbor’s that were telling at them off for obviously seeing he’s a child and chasing him with SHOTGUNS !!! Legend tried shaking it off… This is all I could get ..Anybody that knows my son knows crying he does not do.. He is the ring leading of noise and now he won’t stay off his fathers hip.. Scared for his father to leave for work or play outside when he breaks down he says “they tried to kill me mommy” smh #NEWARKPOLICE #TOOMANYSILENT “GOOD COPS” some even family NOBODY checked on my child.. #BLUERUNSDEEP #CITYOFNEWARK silence plays a big part!!! but what do you think my son feels about them now.. He still shaky and as achild this will stay with him forever … God please just help my child!!??? It will get better for him…. Please spread the devastation they are grooming our children in… they want to create hate and criminals out of our children!!! #STOPTRYINGTOKILLOURCHILDRENPOLICE

The actual suspect, Casey Joseph-Robinson, was apprehended by police.

Source: Complex