A football fan in Australia learned the hard way you better not mess with Beast Mode. Marshawn Lynch has been “down under” this past week, helping his alma mater, The University of California prepare for their game against Hawaii. The game is being played in Australia and during the week Lynch had an autograph session. One fan in particular either doesn’t really understand football in our country, or they were trolling Lynch but regardless it didn’t go well for him, although he now has a memory for the rest of his life.


Asking Lynch to sign a shirt from the team who beat him and the Seahawks in Super Bowl 49 is the perfect way to wind up being called a “bitch”.

A fan handed Lynch the shirt and he proceeded to cross out the word “Patriots” and wrote “Seahawks” on it instead.

He then included a personalized message for the fan that said “Beast Mode U Bitch”. BOOM!

This is exactly the type of thing that makes fans here in the U.S. love Lynch and a certain fan from Australia now knows you better come correct in the presence of beast mode.

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H/t Complex