Kids love to play house and love the idea of having their own little “playhouse” but when you’re the daughter of Steph Curry and access to the money that comes with it, having a “little playhouse” just won’t do. Nope, you get to pull out all the stops and make adults wish they could hang out there as well. The Curry family was on “Playhouse Masters” a new show on the TLC network, where the crew got some ideas from Riley herself before going to work and having the big unveiling.


Riley’s playhouse, which was also built with younger daughter Ryan in mind, comes equipped with a sitting area that rivals some studio apartments, as well as a loft, ball pit, slide, sliding doors, high ceilings and more. All that’s missing is a bathroom and someone could legit live there.

Check out the crew get some tips from the Curry family before they got to work.

And then the finished product

Like any young kid, it probably won’t take long for Riley to get bored of the playhouse but that just means it will all belong to Ryan soon.

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